the weekend four.

- blog life.  i bought ABM's blog life e-course. the material is so detailed and informative. i am so excited to work through this course and find some inspiration for this little blog. (if you need more convincing - i've already learned so much and all i've read is the introduction.)

- a beautiful day.  the weather in oklahoma is finally starting to warm up. but in true okie fashion, instead of breezy seventies, it's record-high nineties. but i am not complaining one bit! bring on the sunshine, strawberry lemonade, warm breezes, sweet tea, shorts, and flip flops.

- starbucks cup.  weird tidbit about me: i save my starbucks' cups. after i'm finished with my drink, i rinse it out and reuse it. of course, it's usually filled with sweet tea because my mama's tea is the bomb dot com, y'all.

- the girl behind the lens.  the last week has been nothing short of awesome. God revealed Himself on multiple occasions and situations, and i just sit back and praise Him name.


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