Monday, April 21, 2014

the weekend four.

now that tax season is over [can i get an amen?], my weekends will be filled with adventures and fun happenings. in an effort to document these activities, i'm starting a blog series titled the weekend four. y'all know i love a good blog series, so i'm pretty pumped about this. (although i may change the name. or i may not. we shall see.)

▷  blonde hair. after months of searching for a new hairstyle, i finally jumped headfirst [zing!] into blonde hair. i didn't have any hesitations or second thoughts until my stylist informed me that i needed to tell her right away if blisters were forming on my scalp. [um, WHAT?!] turns out that i have a tough scalp, so it was all good. i was at the salon for almost four hours. when she turned me around to see the finished product, i didn't recognize myself. apparently i wasn't the only one. i had a good laugh when an older couple at my church told me they debated the entire afternoon yesterday about whether it was me or a family member. HA!

▷  pretty nails & a cute coffee mug. i'm a sucker for nail strips. they are ridiculously easy to apply and last just as long as regular nail polish. when i came across the floral strips from scratch, i had to have them. same goes for that adorable coffee mug from click & blossom

finding God in the wildflowers.  if there was ever a book that summed me up to a T, it's this one. the author begins each chapter with a brief description of a specific wildflower followed with a short devotion or story of finding God in nature. i am thoroughly enjoying this book and recommend it to any flower lovers out there.

▷  azalea festival. on saturday, i took a little roadtrip up to muskogee. [how many of you just sang - i'm proud to be an okie from muskogee?] every year, they have an azalea festival at honor heights park showcasing thousands of azaleas, flowers, and blooming trees. it's a 40-acre park, so let's just say my heart was in flower heaven. i also ate mexican food twice, so that was a very good day.  

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