Friday, March 21, 2014


- i always use the vscocam app, but i'm integrating afterlight into the editing process now. i heart light leaks. [thanks for the reminder, cassie!]

- speaking of light leaks, i'm considering buying a toy camera.

- sunday afternoon naps are the best.

- she reads truth is using my IG photos for their jonah plan, and it makes me so giddy. when they asked, i was like, "OH.EM.GEE. YES."

- there's a bird that perches on the railing outside of the office. i named him gilbert. he is so cute.

- retweeting compliments is like walking up to someone and saying, "hey, look at all these wonderful things people said about me!" it's WEIRD.

- note to self: it is okay to say no. 

- i took out the trash and noticed it smelled really good. [what?!] they were scented trash bags, but now i'm all lavender & vanilla EVERYTHING.

- when there is a full moon, do not go to walmart. ever.

- i don't have green pj's so i had to wear a green scarf all monday night because i live in a family of pinchers.

- mashed potatoes always bring me back to my braceface days. they were my meal of choice every time i got my braces tightened.

- dear winter: you've overstayed your welcome.

- i don't care what anyone says: the fact that overalls are on trend right now makes me so happy.

- life has been kinda tough lately. i'm thankful i serve a God who gives me grace right where i am, but loves me enough not to leave me there.

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