- grammar tip of the week:  than - shows comparison // then - indicates sequence.

- the "recently used" section of emojis says a lot about a person. here's proof.

- this article has been at the back of my mind for days. i have written about this before. i don't think it's giving a green light to have sex and then ask for forgiveness; it's about starting a dialogue with open, honest, Truth-filled communication. i would love to know your thoughts, friends.

- this portable USB player is on my wishlist.

- favorite superbowl commercial: cheerios. ...and a puppy. (and the preview for transformers: age of extinction. YES.)

- i finished the last book of the divergent series. i know a lot of people didn't like the ending, but i thought it was beautiful and perfect. i am trying to decide what to read next. are there any great, undiscovered-but-oh-so-good dystopian/utopia novels you've read? (i've read the hunger games, divergent, and matched series.)

- this post. i knew someone who had that you-have-to-be-a-certain-way, have-it-all-together, judgmental attitude. she was... me.

- what a mighty God we serve! He answered a big prayer for our youth group yesterday. now i know why david danced before the Lord

- favorite fashion from the week: a pretty white manicure.

- a friend was in a very weird dream, and i couldn't even look him in the eye the next day. my dreams are so strange.

- if you need to feel better about yourself, know that my high score on flappy bird is 3.

- i spotted the most beautiful sight while standing in the middle of the ice cream section at walmart -- talenti gelato. it's love, y'all.

- i think i need journal therapy. it's a real thing, y'all. i see a cute journal and i think i have to buy it. how cute is this lent journal?!


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