Friday, January 17, 2014


[week three of my fifty-two week self-portrait project]

- nothing can affect my mood as much as candy crush.

- apparently it was "pull out in front of amber & go five miles an hour" day this week because several people partook in the celebration.

- grammar tip of the week: womAn: 1 // womEn: more than 1.

- sometimes you need a little spice in your life. and by spice, i mean the spice girls. turn it up and dance like you're thirteen again. i did.

- THIS article is so dang good.

- my favorite look from the golden globes is lupita nyong'o. her dress is a work of art.

- i like to think i'm an easy-going girl. but there are a few things that just straight-up frustrate and hurt me. i was informed about someone's opinion regarding a youth group activity. opinions that were her own, but comments that were untrue. i think what hurt the most was not what was said, but how it was said: behind my back. newsflash: i am a big girl - if you have something to say, take it up with ME, not everyone and their dog. my daddy overheard me talking about the situation and simply replied, "look at the source." and when i did, i realized their opinion held very little value. if they can't come to me face-to-face, that says more about them than it does me. end of story.

- my love for coffee is justified, people. 

- i've been praying about forming a small group for the girls at church - a place where they can talk and grow and learn without the distraction of boys or the outside world. there are circumstances that prevent it from happening at this moment, but one of the girls sent me a text asking for some one-on-one help in her walk with Jesus. big smile. thanks, God.

- people have long said that i am a 'quiet' girl. this always makes me laugh because they obviously don't watch me belt out songs in my truck like i'm trying out for american idol -- william hung-style. 

- i mentioned in my 2014 post that i am making a 52-week project journal of polaroids. i originally only planned to share the pictures via instagram, but decided to make a private tumblr page to document the story behind each photo. HERE is the tumblr page. the password is my favorite animal. [not like that's hard to figure out.]

- one of my favorite shows is last man standing. it's no secret that i love all things of the 90's - especially the tv shows. home improvement was a favorite. my inner twelve-year-old self swooned when JTT made a couple guest appearances on LMS last year. i agree with a lot of the viewpoints expressed by tim allen's character, mike baxter. [willie robertson and uncle si starred in an episode, too!]

- if i am driving and i see you with a cell phone in your hand, just know that - even though you can't hear me or see me because you're distracted - i am yelling at you. there is absolutely NO reason to be using a cell phone in the car. NONE. no text or phone call or social media site is worth your life or someone else's life.

- like my love life, address books are non-existent these days. i needed something to keep track of all my pen pals' info, so naturally i remembered the ancient form of storing contacts: address books. but finding one has not been the easiest task. and just like my love life, i know what i want and won't settle.  

- i watched a short film titled evolution vs. God. it is good stuff, y'all. go watch it!

- my word for the year is lionhearted. i want to be brave and release the chains of fear that i've been shackled to for way too long. i am inspired when others take a leap of faith. one example: chelsea announced on her blog that she wrote a book. even better: it is going to be published! her blog has been a favorite of mine. head on over and read about how to take part in her dream.

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