collected remnants.

 >> catching fire movie ticket stub. i sat on the back row with my popcorn, root beer, and sour gummy worms. it was the best.

 >> ibc root beer cap. i'm not a pop drinker (soda for you northerners), but a root beer once in a blue moon is nice.

 >> instax of penguin inflatable. we put out the inflatables over the weekend. a snowman, penguin, and rudolph.

 >> hershey's candy cane kiss wrapper. my church hosted a banquet last night, and it was surprisingly not boring.

 >> price tag from totter the penguin. i casually mentioned how cute the new stuffed penguin on the pier one commercial was. my mama surprised me with one the next day. she's the best, y'all.

 >> leaf from a photo shoot. i took a family friend's senior pictures at the football field yesterday. so many memories there.

 >> subway wrapper. i could eat at subway every single day. i recently tried their breakfast sammich, and OH MY. it's my current favorite.

*this post is inspired by instagrammer @devincastro. i'm thinking of making this a monthly post of collected remnants from my daily life.


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