weekly musings.

i am lacking in writing inspiration, so here are some random thoughts:

- driving thirty minutes every morning to get a skinny peppermint mocha almost seems worth it.

- the texts between daddy and i are about one thing: OU sports.

- sixty degrees one day; twenty-nine the next. oklahoma weather be crazy, y'all.

- even when it's fading, fall is beautiful.

- sometimes i judge my daily productivity by how much jelly i cleared.

- why did the rapper carry an umbrella? fo' drizzle.

- the daily oklahoman printed one of my instagrams in the paper.

- i have been drinking orange juice like it's going out of style.

- speaking of style: remember when jnco jeans were cool? oh my, WHY? i still love the nineties though.

- i am on the hunt for cute, inexpensive stationery.

- i've held my newborn cousin during church for the last two weeks. oh goodness, she is precious!

- my love for the flightless tuxedo bird reached an all-time high yesterday. i watched penguins: waddle all the way and cried more than once.

- WHOA with the cyber monday emails.

- i used to write posts like this on myspace. ha! myspace.

- i'm taking myself on a date tomorrow to see my homegirl, katniss everdeen.

- i am borderline disgusted with thanksgiving being the new black friday.

- they make those size stickers tiny and clear so people like me will walk around with them on all day.

- youth group has been averaging 18-25 kids. this makes me smile with tears in my eyes.

- “is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” -corrie ten boom.


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