- a cozy, winter scarf.
- a funny single ladies post.
- a fun letter to send to my sponsor child.

▲ listening: 
- "fire" - michelle williams. girl can saaaaaang.
- "just say Jesus" - 7eventh time down
- "roar" - katy perry. because dang that song is catchy.

▲ reading:
- relevant.  
- love does
- the promises plan with she reads truth.
- morning and evening by charles spurgeon. i highly recommend this! 

▲ watching:
- duck dynasty, jack!
- last man standing. willie and uncle si made an appearance two weeks ago. it is so awesome to see prayer at the dinner table on a tv series.
- law & order: svu. i don't know why i like this show so much. i mean, the story lines aren't exactly smiles and rainbows.  

▲ anticipating: 
- fall foliage. 
- accomplishing the awesome ideas on my fall to-do list
- season four premiere of the walking dead!   
- the holiday season. after years of being all, "no celebration until after thanksgiving or i'll pluck your eyes out!", i've turned over a new leaf. it's okay to get into the spirit early. like... the day after halloween. bring on the Christmas music and peppermint everything! 

▲ praying:
- to be light and salt.  
- to be still more often.
- psalm 139:23-24.

- oklahoma sunsets. this time of year, they are stellar.
- last wednesday, six kids accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior at IGNITE. SIX KIDS. the holy spirit was in that place, and it was amazing. when i pulled into the driveway that night, i turned the ignition off, got out, and just stood there. i looked up at the starry sky and whispered, "You are awesome." when my pastor and i discussed starting a youth group earlier this summer, i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but i had complete trust and faith that God would work out the details. boy, did He ever. i know i say this a lot, but i can't believe this path i'm on. i never saw myself leading bible study and teaching sunday school to teenagers. it just goes to show that God's plans are so much better than i could ever dream. 

▲ learning:
- "in the barren places of my life, i can be assured that God is there, as He is when life is fruitful." -elisabeth elliot.
- paul is so right. he said that an unmarried woman "can be devoted to the Lord and holy in body and in spirit." for so long, i defined myself by my singleness. i looked at every unmarried, single guy and wondered if he was the one. it was exhausting! God opened my eyes to the realization that HE is the One. if i keep my focus on Him, i don't have time to dwell on things i cannot change. this allows me to serve Him and grow in His love.

▲ making me happy:
- all the love from instagram.
- free tickets to the OU game.
- finally beating that level of candy crush i've been on for over a week.
- pretty new hair color.
- good conversation and gelato with a friend.
- saturday mornings with Jesus and coffee. 
- fall weather.
- taco soup.


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