- Christmas printables! yes, i realized it's three months away, but i am EXCITED. i already have a pinterest board and a winter to-do list written.
- meaningful content. one of the reasons i started fresh with a new blog was to write posts that mean something, posts that can help someone, and posts that ultimately point to Jesus. caroline said it perfectly, "if i write and it doesn't point others to Christ, it's in vain." YES. instead of throwing words together in thirty minutes and calling it good, i take at least three days to write. when i look back at posts like this and this, i'm like whoa. what is so beautiful about this process is how God works and writes through my fingers tapping away at the keyboard.

▲ listening: 
- campfire - the rend collective experiment.
- "love take me over" - steven curtis chapman. i can't sit still when this song comes on.
- bring me back to wonder EP  - gabi dipace.
- with you now EP - ellie holcomb. 
- dust to dust - civil wars. i listen to this when writing.

▲ reading:
- book five of HP.
- relevant magazine.
- studying through the book of proverbs.

▲ watching:
- revenge, season two.
- law & order: svu.
- new girl season premiere! 

▲ anticipating: 
- cooler temperatures this weekend. maybe i'll make some taco soup or bake pumpkin spice cookies.   
- IGNITE youth group! this is easily my favorite night of the week. i love interacting with the kids and developing relationships. i am in awe of how much growth my church has seen in the past year. from an average of 12-15 youth on sunday mornings and wednesday nights to a new activity center, it is blessing after blessing. a little over a year ago, i started teaching the junior high sunday school class. i knew it was what God wanted for me, but at the time i didn't know it was what i wanted for myself. fifteen months later, God has given me this immense passion for teens that i didn't know i had. 

▲ praying for:
- a humble heart that loves and serves and forgives. i pray that God will rid me of anything that hinders my relationship with Him. 
- the kids who walk through the doors at church. i pray that when they come, they leave differently than when they came. i pray for the hearts that are broken, that they will be healed by the Ultimate Healer; i pray for the lives that are falling apart, that they will be made whole by the love of Jesus. i pray for those who are lost and trying to find something, that they will seek Jesus with all they have and find in Him love, peace, joy, and grace that nothing or no one in this world can compare. i also pray for guidance and grace throughout this journey. whether i know it not, these youth listen and watch and learn from my example. Jesus, help me be a salt and light for You.

▲ making me happy:
- salted caramel mocha frappuccinos.
- blog friends.
- rainy mornings.
- learning to knit.
- the anticipation of fall.
- making lists.
- coffee. (that's a given)
- the evernote app.


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