create, grow, inspire.

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i love creating. i love learning new techniques, finding inspiration in the ordinary, and interpreting other people's beauty. i recently started dabbling in design. i could spend hours making prints. the process of creating is like therapy for me. the best part: i don't have to be perfect or follow rules or guidelines. i can showcase my personality and perspective. i can mess up and start over. i can create, create, fail, and create. it's another form of expression that i'm growing a fondness for. i'm reminded of those beginning months of my photography journey - i had no idea what i was doing, but i loved it anyway. when i think back to that first year, i am so thankful for how far i've come. in a few years, i will probably look back at these first few months and cringe like i did when i saw some of my earlier work, but that's the beauty of learning and knowledge and growing. it's like a budding flower, preparing to open a beautiful bloom.

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