weekly musings: nov 28 - dec 4

+  i had a rough week. jackson was very sick, and jared got sick over the weekend. work was . . . stressful beyond words. but this is what i know to be true: my God is good. not because it's a cute phrase to say, but because He knows no other way to be. He is good. jehovah rapha .  +  my spoti

the good list: autumn quarter 2022

sunflower-lined highways  •  open windows + a fall candle burning  creative nights spent journaling + reading while my boys fish rainy days  •  slow saturday mornings with hot coffee    an apple cider cupcake  •  the sounds of crunchy leaves beneath my feet the first snow of the season  •   my super

autumn quarter review / 2022

when the calendar flips to august, i start to long for the cooler days of autumn. (summer temperatures in southern kansas tend to linger through the middle of september). this year, that longing started in mid-july. on a scorching 105ΒΊ day, i bought an iced coffee + walked around the fall decor ai

month in review // november 2022

H A P P E N I N G S -   +  i met the boys for a long lunch one day. we sipped lattes + then made our way to the election office to vote. it was a fun couple of hours in the middle of my workday. +  we tried out two new coffee shops in wichita: coffee daze + aroma coffeehouse .  +  we bowled with

weekly musings: nov 21 - nov 27

+  Jesus can heal all the broken parts of your life; you just have to let Him. +  we spent thanksgiving in oklahoma with my family. πŸ–€πŸ¦ƒ +  jared + i have most of our christmas shopping complete. someone give us a medal because we have been guilty of buying presents on christmas eve in years past!

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