THREE QUICK THINGS   🌻 1.  jared recently made an iced dirty chai latte with pumpkin cold foam . it is better than anything you can buy at a coffee shop. (local or chain!) i am so happy we purchased the espresso machine back in january! 🎃 2.  i scrolled upon a tiktok for the band, strings and hea

a happy list: summer 2023

iced coffee  •  summertime thunderstorms ⛈  •  birthday cake  •  sunshine fireworks 🎆  •  free sonic drinks at work  •  the most fragrant white lilies  friday evening coffee  •  iced butter pecan lattes  •  saturday adventures 🦕 ice cold lemonade 🍋  •  evening swims with the neighbors     sunflow


H A P P E N I N G S :   +  i held the sweetest newborn baby girl for a couple hours + i am so, so happy she is here! +  we took a short trip down to oklahoma to see my family. shopping + family time 💕 +  we had a family nerf battle in the house one evening + a neighborhood nerf battle in our back


FIVE QUICK THINGS   🌺 1.  we recently started using vid angel + love it! we would have started using it sooner, but we have roku tvs, so we originally thought it wasn't available. after some research + a killer amazon prime day deal, we bought a fire stick + now we can enjoy tv shows + movi

JULY 2023

H A P P E N I N G S :   +  a family friend put on a huge fireworks show in our neighborhood for the fourth of july. it was incredible! we ate good food + dessert + had a great time with family + friends. (jared worked the fireworks tent for our church's youth group, so i made the best of it

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