miracle after miracle

after years of grief + loss, this feels like a dream. the Lord was faithful through all those years + He has been faithful through this pregnancy. we serve a God who still does miracles. all praise + glory to Jehovah Jireh!  oh- it’s a GIRL! 💜

2024: MARCH 25 - MARCH 31

+  He is risen! ✝️✨ +  jackson had four easter egg hunts this weekend! 🐰  +  jackson’s first soccer practice was this week. he ran up to me during a break + told me it was the best thing ever. ⚽️ +  i am currently reading this book + the characters are so fun! 📚 +   march 2024

MARCH 2024

H A P P E N I N G S :   +  my favorite time of year: spring blooms 🌸 +  we played in our church’s annual cornhole tournament. we lost in the second round, but had a lot of fun.  +  there was a lot of rest this month. +  jackson started his first soccer practice! he really loves it.        B O O

2024: MARCH 11 - MARCH 17

+ i finished this book . it was a 2-star read for me. i was desperate for anything to get me out of my boom rut, even if it wasn’t my favorite read. this book seemed to do the trick because i’m reading two other books at the moment!  + the pear trees are blooming everywhere + it makes my heart so

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