+  peep the new blog layout, y'all!

+  this post is being published a day late because i am battling a serious cold. i am praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. 

+  i used to be skeptical that a book was just overhyped if everyone was talking about it. now if everyone is recommending a book, i'm usually skeptical because it is probably dripping with woke ideologies + buzz words. 

+  i had to work from home on friday afternoon. it was lovely!

+  i finished "finlay donovan knocks 'em dead" on audio this week. 4 stars! [affiliate link]

+  i found the bezalel and the creative spirit of God youversion bible plan really interesting.


our church met for a night at the wichita sports forum.

i jumped on the trampolines 
and played sand volleyball.

as i woke up this morning, 
i was keenly reminded i am in my mid-thirties:
sore muscles in places i didn’t know i had.

but it was just what i needed.
i walked out the door with a full heart.

TMI PSA: if you’ve had a baby- regardless if it was via c-section- i need you to know you will still pee yourself if you jump on a trampoline. ask me how i know.] 

+  the new season of stranger things = suhhhhh good!

+  we have had such odd weather lately, but i kinda love a rainy morning at work. 

+  i deleted the twitter app off my phone a few weeks ago & have not missed it one iota. 

+  currently reading:  sorry i'm late, i didn't want to come (honestly might DNF if though)

+  why could i stay up until the wee hours of the morning when i was in my twenties, but i go to bed at 11 now, and i need four days to recover??

+  i am planning jackson’s 5th birthday party. FIVE, how?!

+  ollipop is soooooo good! my current fav flavor is the tropical punch.

+  i started reading on my kindle again. i forgot how much i enjoy it!

+  top gun: maverick was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

+  it was 100º this week, but at least it's not snowing.

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my baby boy
a hot mug of coffee
jared's hand
an iced coffee
a good book
a pen for journaling
puzzle pieces
a delicious mug of tea w/honey

Q2 word -  N U R T U R E  

march  •  april  •  may

just as my word for Q1 was inspired by the winter issue of the magnolia journal, so was my Q2 word. (spoiler: Q3 is not inspired from my girl, joanna, this time, lol.) i sought out to nurture the good things in my life: faith, family, creativity, + health. 

in this conscious practice, i gained a new insight on how i spend my time: the lower my phone's screen time, the better those areas of my life seems to be. 

Q2 goal review-

-  read six books.  i read 13!

-  continue my weekly social media sabbath.  yes. i also took a week-long break. 

-  brush off my DSLR.  i technically completed this; i literally dusted it off. i charged the battery. and then i sat it back down, never to touch it except to rearrange my closet shelf. i have accepted that using my big camera (as i like to call it) is just not for this season. 

-  find two clean lipsticks.  as i mentioned in my Q1 review, i had an allergic reaction to sriracha. my lips have been on a months-long healing journey. they still don't quite feel normal, so maybe this goal just needs to sit on the back burner for a bit.

-  celebrate our seventh year of marriage.  we did, with dinner + coffee.

-  file income tax.  done. (thanks, mom!)

-  declutter every area of our home for the garage sale in april.  DONE! our home feels lighter, if that makes sense. 

-  blog every day in may.  done





writing  //   Q2 review + Q3 blog posts 

enjoying  //  pinterest + summer flowers + neighborhood walks 

wearing  //  sweatshirts + shorts at home; jeans + tees for work.   

reading  //  sorry i'm late, i didn't want to come   

listening  //  the coffee & crumbs podcast  +  my worship playlist 

loving  //  fresh creativity + time away from social media + microblogging

drinking  //  ollipop (my current fav flavor is the new tropical punch!)

making me happy:  rainy mornings at work  •  butterflies in our backyard  •  tacos  •  90s + early 00s nostalgia  •  my new Q3 bullet journal  •  reading on my kindle  •  writing  •  my new gold nose ring