::  august is my favorite month on facebook because i get so much joy from all the first day of school photos! 

::  "swimming is my destiny" - jackson keimig, age 5

::  i am finally feeling better after having covid last week. i still have some lingering symptoms, but i am thankful to be feeling better.

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•  seven random things about me (all still accurate four years later!)


writing  //   Q3 recap + Q4 intro 

enjoying  //   the daily mini NYT crosswords 

reading  //  encyclopedia of an ordinary life*  + studying the first book of peter  

watching  //  the chronicles of narnia movies + the magnolia network 

excited for  //  my birthday at the end of the month + starting homeschooling

loving  //  late summer (while also dreaming of autumn)  

wearing  //  dresses to work; shorts + tees at home  

drinking  //  sports drinks because this round of covid got me dehydrated something fierce

making me happy:  luna + her goofy antics  •  finally feeling better after having covid at the beginning of the month  •  reading 1 proverb each day  •  baking tv shows 

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::  "don't be reactionary in your parenting choices; be wise."  [phylicia masonheimer]

::  on monday night, my creative juices were flowing so much that it was eight o'clock before i realized i hadn't taken my phone out of my work bag when i arrived home four hours earlier. this is why time away from social media is so important: i don't reach for my phone for hours at a time because it doesn't feel urgent to be there anymore. there is joy in missing out on posts + stories + such. if i'm meant to read someone's words or see a photo, it will find me.

::  we voted in the local election on tuesday night. even though we stood in line for two hours + even though it did not go the way we hoped, it was not in vain.

::  covid, round two. i worked from home for three days this week, and then rested all weekend. i watched lots of episodes of magnolia table + zoe bakes on discovery+.

::  this week's pinterest inspo board is giving late summer vibes.

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+  lament  

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•  twenty things about me (2013 me, lol)
•  ablaze 

though it feels like evil has won,
our “yes” vote was not in vain

we lament
as innocent lives are led to the slaughter 
as choice trumps sanctity 
as His hearts breaks with ours

so we grieve
and pray 
and seek Him 

because evil may dance in the streets today
but victory belongs to the Lord 


-  the design for the wildbloom blog sticker
-  16 books on my bookshelf
-  the blacklist, season eight
-  the blanket i got material for two years ago
-  13 blog post drafts
-  three library books i've had for weeks
-  the film i put in my camera seven years ago
-  jackson's baby book (file under "things i'll never finish")
-  my july newsletter


+  the simple task of baking brownies brought so much joy to my monday evening. i don't bake like i used to, but this was a nice reminder that i should start again.

+  this was week two of no phone after 4pm during the weekdays. i am starting to think this may just be a permanent practice in my everyday life. 

+  i am really proud of myself for two things i did this week:  i finally said no to a situation that i have felt like i could never say no to, and i figured out a big task at work that has been puzzling me for weeks. i am a recovering people pleaser + typically ignore things that seem too hard, so this was a good week for those two areas of my life.

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  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  we celebrated jackson's birthday with a party at our house. my family came up from oklahoma. we shopped + played mini-golf, + ate delicious food. after a crazy morning, it ended up being a great day of celebrating our boy.

+  i printed out hannah brencher's 1,000 unplugged hours tracker. the internet is loud, and i can get in my head about all the posts i might miss, but there is joy in not knowing every little thing.

+  we celebrated independence day with our neighbors - shooting off fireworks + hanging out + swimming. 

+  jared + i had a date night at botanica. we walked around, + i took tons of photos of flowers, as usual. it was romantic. 

+  we took a short weekend camping trip with our neighbors. it was SO HOT, but we still had a lot of fun.

 L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S - 

+  steak sauce is such an underrated condiment.

+  it is easy to offer advice on a situation that you have not been asked to walk through. 

+  if insults are included in an argument, it is not a solid argument. you should never have to tear someone down to get a point across.

+  i am not the Holy Spirit; it is not my job to convict someone.

+  over the last several years, i developed this mentality to just blend it. whether it was my clothing choices or what my interest are or how i carry myself, i did not want to call attention to myself. i had this realization when i was cleaning out my closet. i used to be such a fashion-loving girl; now my closet is mostly filled with black shirts + cardigans. i am on a quest to uproot this mindset + get back to what i like - not what is trendy or what keeps me under the radar.

+  gentle parenting is (mostly) not biblical parenting. i said what i said.

+  i started a weeknight habit of no social media after i get home from work. it started off as a simple practice, but its benefits are making a huge impact on my everyday life.


1.  dreaming of autumn.  i needed a respite from the inferno outside, so i started browsing fall aesthetic hashtags on pinterest + tiktok. i took it a step further and browsed the fall decor aisle at home goods + hobby lobby. this may become a new late summertime ritual.

2.  evening swims with our neighbors.  our boys play in the shallow end + we float in the deep end, laughing + talking about life. it is one of my favorite parts of summertime.

3.  bougie pajamas.  i have always been a t-shirt + comfy shorts girl when it comes to bedtime attire. but my mom bought me a pair of real pajamas at target, + it is a little luxury that makes me so happy. (similar set here