MAY 2023

H A P P E N I N G S :   +  we began the month with our week-long trip:  -   first stop : robbers cave state park . we stayed in a yurt. -   second stop : waco, texas . (aka: the silos).  -   third + last-minute stop : galveston, texas .  +  i celebrated mother's day with sweet gifts from m

may 31, 2023

may 2023  🌺 // i cannot believe i have a first grader now. 😭 // with as much coughing as i've done in the last several days, you'd think i'd have abs of steel. at least a six pack, but nah. just sore abs. 😂 // i don't have any eloquent words to end this last every day in may po

may 30, 2023

i'm at that part of sickness where you wonder if you're ever going to feel better. our internet was out for most of the day, so i couldn't work from home. it wasn't a great day, but tomorrow is a new day.

may 29, 2023

my baby boy lost his first tooth today! the tooth had been loose for days. i told him if he let me pull it right then, he could buy a new pack of pokemon cards. and to my surprise, he let me!  😂

may 28, 2023

went to the drive-in tonight coughed my head off, but had fun the little mermaid (live action) surprised me. i didn't have high hopes, but it was not bad. guardians of the galaxy was good. not my fav, but not bad.

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