weekly musings // NOV 20 - NOV 26

+  after a six-month hiatus, weekly musings are back! 🎉 +  we got the first snow of the winter season this week! i was so excited because it finally snowed when i wasn't at work + i cuddled up in bed with coffee + put on this youtube video while i blogged + read + brainstormed ideas for the c


THREE QUICK THINGS   🍁 1.  i am not one to eat the same thing every day -- except for my fav snack: blueberries, granola, + yogurt. 🫐 2.   if you want to elevate the vibes while hanging out, turn on a youtube video to set the mood! when jackson is drawing or playing his switch, he + i will watch

#onedayHH // 2023

on wednesday, i shared my day on insta stories for the annual #onedayHH challenge. it was so fun!  i enjoy this challenge for two reasons : 1. i love looking back on the day  2. i like to reflect on changes, season of life, etc. this year's challenge landed on a super busy day at work, so i wasn


H A P P E N I N G S :   +  jackson lost both of his front teeth! he looks soooo cute 🥰 +  my niece got married + jackson was the ring bearer. it was a fun evening with family. +  the fall parade is one of my favorite traditions in our neighborhood. we bundled up with layers + coffee + lined the


THREE QUICK THINGS   🌻 1.  i started making the list for 2023 : the one where i start to brainstorm all the happenings + favorites + 'best of' the year. how am i already at the point where i need to start compiling all the lists? i'm so glad i document my life so that i can look back

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