2024: JUNE 10 - JUNE 16

- 21 WEEKS! feeling baby girl’s kicks so much + it will never get old. 💜 - BEAUTY BY EARTH   i started using this  self tanner + i am very impressed! i applied it on tuesday + it still looks decent on sunday. definitely recommend! 🤎 -   SWIG COOKIES having swig so close to us is dangerous. 😂

2024: JUNE 3 - JUNE 9

•   CONSECRATION WEEK every quarter, our church observes a corporate consecration week. most do a biblical fast from food, but since i’m pregnant, i chose social media. i always find clarity when i do this. it is such a beneficial practice for me!  something i also started doing when i found out i

MAY 2024

H A P P E N I N G S :   +  jackson finished his first soccer season! he had a blast ⚽️  +  we ate lots of fro-yo. definitely a pregnancy craving.  +   it’s rose season at botanica, so we had a family date night to walk around + enjoy the late spring blooms. 💐 +  we took a short vacation with my

may 31, 2024

last day of every day in may i’m kinda glad it’s over because i didn’t have a lot to share this year but that’s okay i’m growing a baby  and that’s all i need to do 💜

may 29, 2024

the careless words about my pregnant body were gnawing at me i didn’t want to let it bother me but on a small level, it did and then i was reminded that i am a walking miracle right now  carrying a baby who is also a miracle so i reframed my mindset and gave praise to the One  Who is holding it all

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