after a week-long social media break,
i was eager to come back.

and then read a post that i know was meant well,
but was so insensitive + boastful.

and then i unfollowed a few people.

and then i saw posts dripping with hypocrisy.

i closed the apps-
sat by the fire with my husband,
watch the dog play fetch,
and laughed really hard.

that crazy idea i had during my break
to just delete it all + only keep this blog
is starting to not sound so crazy after all.

tell me why
my baby
looks like such a big boy
wasn’t he just born

good things from today-
had a chill work day
a coworker brought crumbl cookies
finished a delightful book
went for a walk + listened to a podcast


something i have changed my mind about lately-
the color pink.
i used to loathe it in a way that was almost palpable.
but now-
i find certain shades of pink to be delightful:
salmon, blush, magenta, rose quartz

currently reading.
“if there’s pleasure in action, there is peace in stillness.”
i want to start a petition to bring blogging back.
remember the days that started with coffee + blogs?
sans smart phones; we read blogs on a desktop. 
what a time is was to be a blogger from 2010-2014.
let’s make it happen. 

kansas, are you okay?
it's 93º today.
did you forget it's only the 9th of may?
spring has barely made its way.
dang, boo- those UV rays.
and that humidity- why you so crayyy?