Wednesday, June 13, 2018

life lately.

jared + i joked recently that there can never just be one thing going on in our lives at one time - only a minimum of twelve.

we listed our home on the market last month and received an offer less than 24 hours later. this time around, there was no stress because we knew this was a seller's market - big time. we officially closed on the house last week and celebrated with mexican food, obviously.

the home that we are buying will be available as early as next weekend! before we move in, there are three key renovations that must happen - new sheet rock throughout the entire home, new flooring, and re-configuring a couple rooms. i am super excited to start this process even though i know the stress it can bring. it's almost as though we have felt a little restless the past three years when it comes to making a house a home. we are ready to put some roots down + live close to family + be back in the city. (our previous house was only ten-fifteen minutes from everything, but it felt so much further).

i don't regret our park city home though. i look back at those months fondly, knowing that it was filled with redemption + grace + growth following jackson's birth. God's tenderness + kindness toward me in those months - especially at night when i was home alone with a newborn - are imprinted on my heart forever.

i've been very open about my struggles with my failed birth plan. as we approach jackson's first birthday (which i am in denial about hardcore), i can openly say that while it is easier to see birth stories online and not burst into tears, i still carry a bit of pain in my heart. i've debated whether or not to write about it because i don't want jackson to read it one day, and think that i regret anything about him specifically. it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with me - my attitude, the poison of comparison that plagued me for months, and putting God aside.

i don't think God "punished" me for trying to live life my way and will my plans into existence, but i firmly believe that he took the broken pieces and made it beautiful. dare i say - there's a smaaaaaalllll part of me that is thankful. i wonder if my birth plan had gone my way - what would my pride look like? would i wear "natural birth" like a badge of honor, snubbing my nose at mamas who didn't do the same? this experience humbled me immensely while increasing my empathy for all mamas. (even for the kardashians.) Lord knows ain't no hood like motherhood.

wow, i suppose i had a lot to say! and to think i was considering deleting wildbloom last week. i actually considered deleting everything online last week, but that notion has passed. i love social media as much as i hate it. i'm trying to be intentional about all of it. right now, it looks like less scrolling. taking more photos, but not feeling the need to share every single frame. not sharing just to share because i haven't posted in a while. following people who have something to say instead of something to sell. unfollowing the noise.

well, that's life lately - aka - blissful chaos.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


▹  reading:  red queen  +  anything & everything from jess connolly    

▹  watching:  i haven't been able to watch much tv lately. life is really full at the moment.

▹  listening:  the popcast  +  criminal  +  bethel's new music  

▹  drinking:  so. much. water.  +  the violet drink from starbucks.

▹  planning:  jackson's first birthday party. it's at a coffee shop!

▹  anticipating:  selling our home. it's been a wild ride, y'all.

▹  craving:  sushi, always + forever.

▹  learning:  that social media is great, but i have been cutting back so much lately.

  enjoying:  evening walks with jackson.   

▹  thinking:  how motherhood has changed me for the better in so many ways.

▹  making me happy: thunderstorms. happy dogs sticking their heads out car windows. coconut milk. watching jackson take his first steps! pastel sunsets. fresh strawberries + coconut whip. cake. finding my favorite sock that was missing for months. listening to worship music on my evening walks.


Monday, May 14, 2018

joyful magic.

yesterday was mother's day. i had these wonderful visions of how joyful + magical my first mother's day would be.

but instead, i let one little interaction with someone before church shape the entirety of my day. people walked up to me and cheerfully wished me a happy mother's day. it caught me off guard every single time. i'd surprisingly + awkwardly say oh, thank you. i was so caught up in that one conversation that i couldn't even remember that it was mother's day.

that's something i dislike about myself immensely. someone can say something thoughtless or do something hurtful, and i let it fester beneath the surface for far too long. it ruins my day, my mood, my attitude, and makes me not so fun to be around.

jared called me out on it when we were installing jackson's new car seat. he reminded me that the incident really didn't matter. i knew he was right. but i was trying to make everyone happy yesterday, and i put that burden on myself when i didn't have to.

you'd think that with the aftermath of jackson's birth that i would've learned to have low to zero expectations. alas- i'm constantly learning + re-learning these lessons in life. i think it's okay to have expectations, but it's not okay to hold them with a white-knuckled grip.

my first mother's day may not have been what i'd hoped for, but i woke up this morning today realization: i don't need one day to celebrate motherhood because i have bits + pieces of joyful magic every single day. like when i went into jackson's room to wake him up, he laid his head on my shoulder as we walked into the living room. or when i was taking him to the sitter's house, he kept saying DADADA with his cute little baby voice. or when he made his funny face at me as i left for work. or the dozens of tiny moments that melt my heart all the time. they add up to a lifetime of joy.

Monday, April 30, 2018

A MONTH IN REVIEW: april 2018.


+  i sat down to write this post, but i can't remember anything from this month. LOL. we moved! the house is almost ready to be put on the market. we have been living with my sister-in-law and her family for little over a week now, and it's so fun!

+  jackson turned ten months old!


+  tax season is over! i will never complain about tax season because i went into this field knowing that it demands longer hours, but i am very happy it is ending. i enjoy the work i do, but there were a few things that happened last month that left me a little wounded. what i found so beautiful + comforting in those hurtful moments was that God was so close. He knew my pain + fears + everything in between and held me close. He brought to light some things i need to change on my end and gave me comfort that He will work all things for my good -- in His timing.

Monday, April 23, 2018

we are insane, part deux.

remember when we decided to sell our house when jackson was just days old?
well... we are insane - again.

over the weekend, we packed up our house and moved in with my sister-in-law + her family. again.

long story short- a house has become available in an area of wichita [maize] that we have always wanted to live. and even better? it's on the same block as my sister-in-law's house. [this means that moving will be a little easier!] the housing market it pretty good right now, but we went an extra step and moved out of our current home so that potential buyers can see it without all our stuff.

the house we will eventually buy currently has occupants, but they are expected to move out once they find a house. we took a gamble with moving out of our current house because a) what if it doesn't sell? and b) the tenants of the home we want to buy still haven't found a home. BUT. that's where faith comes in. we know that God can work things out for our good. He's proven that with jared's work situation this year. [and so many other times. i could list a million little ways He's provided + made a way in our lives lately!]

so the next few months will be filled with prayers + enjoying our time together. we are okay with however God works everything out. i want to soak in all my free time, even if it's just reading a book! i know every parent says this, but time is flying by. jackson turns ten months old this week. i'm already planning his first birthday party. it's fine. i'm fine

Monday, April 9, 2018

WEEKEND NOTES // volume fourteen.

+  this weekend was jam-packed! i had to work on saturday. we went grocery shopping at aldi and then headed to my favorite mexican restaurant to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. you know what that means? CAKE.

+  after dinner, jared + i took our nieces to the theater to watch a quiet place. that movie was SO good. 

+  when we got home, jared took jackson to his room and as soon as he picked jackson up from his carseat, he laid his head down on jared's shoulder. that image of my baby boy sleeping on his daddy's shoulder is forever ingrained into my mind. my heart burst into a thousand pieces.

+  i've read ten books so far this year, but now i have some sort of book hangover. or maybe it's just indecisiveness. i cannot choose a book to read AT ALL lately. i've went almost two weeks without reading. i wish someone would just make the decision for me! (my favorite genres are fiction, YA, suspense thrillers. here's my to-read list on goodreads.)


this mug is GORGEOUS.

+  flashback to this time last year when i was seven months pregnant!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018



this spring has been on the chilly/dry side, so the only showers around here are the ones i take at night. i recently picked up this shampoo + conditioner from target, and it smells SO good. there have been multiple times a day where i've grabbed a fistful of hair and inhaled. that may sounds weird, but i've never found a scent i loved this much for my hair.


-  healthier habits. i fell into a food rut recently and started feeling the affects of a poor diet. i have started drinking a ton of water as well.

-  april goals with my powersheets.


-  not a baby, that's for sure.

-  the spare bedroom to stay clean for about a week. i finally got it in some order last night, but that room is the catch-all for eeeeeverything. we are storing a lot of jackson's baby items in there for the next baby (again- NOT expecting right now! haha.) so it may never look ordered, but at least there aren't boxes of clothes sitting on the floor.


- a website! a couple of year ago, jared + i dreamed up this idea of a website for our city. we put it on hold when i found out i was pregnant, but now we are back at it! i am so excited to get this project off the ground, but i know it's going to be a lot of work. fun work though.

-  a list of possible topics for tomorrow's #notpolethursdays


-  i have an odd love for vacuuming, and we recently bought this vacuum. we have hardwood floors throughout our home except for the game room, but it works great because it has two settings, one for bare floors, one for carpet.

-  i'm on the hunt for some new basics: v-necks, a new pair of black pants for work, and a new pair of jeans. my post-baby style is pretty similar to my pre-baby style- tee, cardigan, skinnies, and ankle boots/sandals/vans. simple, cute, functional.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

WEEKEND NOTES // volume thirteen.

-  we had a pretty good easter weekend. jared + i both had to work on saturday. when that happens, our weekends tend to feel pretty short, but i only have two more saturdays left this year! we had an easter dinner with his family on saturday evening. jackson had a blast seeing everyone. i didn't get him an easter basket because homeboy isn't going to remember it.

-  you know what i don't have time or metal space for? pretentious moms. #byefelicia

-  i've been keeping a food journal lately to see if there's any correlation between my diet + the migraines i've been having. i still think they're related to my hormones, but it can't hurt to see if something i'm eating triggers them. i've also been drinking so. much. water. that i've been having to get up to go pee during the night. it's like i'm pregnant again. [I AM NOT THOUGH.]

-  i am so thankful for the people in our lives who have helped out with jackson. it truly takes a village. life will change a lot when jared goes back on first shift, and we are so excited! when i look back on the first six months of jackson's life, i feel proud of the transition + growth during those times by myself.


+  i was listening to this episode of the coffee + crumbs podcast about social media recently, and it really challenged me. i've been mulling over this thought all weekend: when i look back at my life when i'm eighty, what i'll remember are the memories with my people, not likes + comments + followers + such.

when love feels heavy. //  this article left me sobbing. goodness.

+  hulu is making a limited series of little fires everywhere!

Saturday, March 31, 2018



-  two words: spring blooms.

-  jared + i celebrated three years of marriage.

-  i read three books:  still life  |  beartown  |  the hate u give

-  we bought a camper! after a couple years of borrowing our in-laws' campers, we finally decided to buy our own. we took it out to cheney lake and had so much fun. jackson did great! i was a little nervous because the last time we camped with him, he didn't do so great. (he was also only two months old, and we didn't know about his dairy intolerance as of yet.) he loved playing on the bunk bed and looking at all the nature around us.

-  jackson turned nine months old! he started pulling up, repeating dada, and is getting two teeth.


+  sometimes it's not worth trying to defend yourself to people who are oblivious to reality. i struggled a lot with a situation at work this month. i always thought i would retire from this job, but now i'm not so sure anymore.

+  i have only been reading books that i really, really want to read. i don't enjoy reading the classics. and hey- that's okay! i used to think i had to read those books, but i am having a really rebellious attitude lately in regards to expectations placed on me from society/people/etc. i don't want to look back on my life and see the wasted time of reading book genres i don't enjoy.

+  at the beginning of each week, i make a list of everything i need/want to do that week. i may not accomplish each + every task, but it's out of my brain and on paper as a reminder.

+  make a happy list when life isn't so happy.



 weekend notes:  9  |  10  |  11  |  12 

Friday, March 30, 2018


+  since having a baby, reading was something i reeeeally wanted to get back into, but it was hard to get to the library to pick out books. i discovered that you can check out books on your kindle, and this has helped my book reading life SO much! i've finished 10 books so far this year. [i only read 3 books last year.] check with your local library to see if they offer digital downloads. it's free + i don't have to worry about late fees.

+  tax season is almost over! 2.5 weeks left, y'all.

+  i recently bought this shampoo + conditioner from target. it smells SO GOOD. i've caught myself sniffing my hair throughout the day, which isn't weird if you knew how delightful this scent is, guys. [i also love this toner.]

+  there's a poll in my instastories. we are discussing what you call pepsi/DP/coke:  pop or soda? head on over to my stories to cast your vote!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

three years.

as the plane took off, i gripped his arm so tightly that he looked at me with wide eyes.

"are you scared?" he asked.
"i'm terrified of planes." i replied.

he didn't know that about me. granted there was a lot he didn't yet know about me. we had only known each other for two months before boarding that plane for las vegas. most people would freak out because they were about to commit their life to a person they'd only known for sixty days, but there i was losing my mind over the fact that every single bit of turbulence meant we were probably crashing to our deaths.

it's been three years since we eloped.
three years of choosing him every single day.
three years of loving him - all the parts of him.

even his messiness.
i'm like FEMA cleaning up after hurricane jared. 

one thousand ninety-six days of marriage.
i've learned so much about him. about me. about us.

he loved me through the hardest month of my life after our son was born.
he makes me coffee every morning. he makes up jingles for eeeeeverything.
i could list all the things and all the ways he's loved me, but i would be writing for days.

i love you, babe.
thank you for choosing me.

Monday, March 26, 2018

WEEKEND NOTES | volume twelve.

-  we took our first camping trip of the season! i was a little nervous because i wasn't sure how jackson would adjust, but he was a trooper. he slept great and loved playing on the bed in the new camper. [oh yeah, we bought a camper last week.]

-  once i got settled at the campsite, i had to go on a little adventure in search of spring blooms. kansas finally got the spring memo, and the trees + flowers blossomed this weekend!

-  we were hanging out by the fire when one of the guys from the campsite next to us asked us if we wanted their cake. guys. it was basically a whole cake - for free. it was heaven!

-  after unpacking + taking a nap yesterday afternoon, we realized we had no food in the house. jared was exhausted, so i ventured to the grocery store. on the way there, i was so elated to grocery shop by myself that i didn't realize i was speeding. as i passed the cop, he turned around, and i just knew that i was going to get a ticket. and to my utter shock, he stopped the car behind me! i was so convinced that he was pulling me over that i had already started veering to the shoulder, but nope. i still can't believe it. haha.


+  i've been binging the coffee + crumbs podcast all weekend! i've loosely followed coffee + crumbs for a while now, but something clicked last week, and i realized that their essays + podcast + words all resonate with me more than any other 'mommy site' out there right now. i also ordered ashlee's book - the magic of motherhood.

+  i really love this bu-jo instagram account.

Monday, March 19, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND | volume eleven.

-  this weekend was welcomed with tearful, open arms. real talk: i had the crappiest week at work. after the dust settled, i'm feeling a little hurt, but i also have the peace that paul talks about in philippians 4:7. i get so annoyed when people post vaguely about situations, but i'm basically at a crossroads at the moment. i've weighed my options, and the conclusion i've come to is that i trust that God is working on my behalf.

-  jared + i watched black panther this weekend. i give it 3.5/5 stars.

-  i was feeding jackson a banana and felt something on his gums. he has TWO teeth coming in! aaaand he has started pulling up + repeating dada when we say it to him. it's fine, i'm fine. (nope.)

-  after discussing our financial plan that was supposed to transition me into staying home in a couple years, we realized that it will be more feasible + beneficial to make it a five-year plan. we are wanting one more baby, so it only makes sense to put ourselves in a really good spot before i decide to stay home/home school.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


maple cake donuts. the coming of spring. iced coffee. watching jackson dance when music comes on. 
open windows + fresh air. reading after jackson goes to bed. dinosaur socks. extra daylight. sushi.
the sweet reminder on timehop that jared proposed to me three years ago today.
seeing bits of spring peak thru the earth. psalm 16:8. worship music. creative inspiration. 

Monday, March 12, 2018


-  jared didn't have to work this weekend, so we made plans to go the the theater once i was off work. but those plans were thwarted when jackson started throwing up. you know what's SO weird? he had no fever and was his happy self the entire day. i'm starting to wonder if it was related to teething. he was drooling a lot. who knows? it could've been a stomach bug or something. he slept thru the night and was totally fine on sunday.

-  we ventured downtown for lunch after morning service yesterday. we enjoyed sushi + drank lattes on the way home.


+  i finished beartown this weekend. (five stars!) and i started the hate u give today.

+  if you are a book lover like i am, i highly recommend the what should i read next? podcast.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018



  another blog post about more lessons i've learned during my time in the 'hood.
  our first camping trip of the season.  
▲  jackson's first birthday party. it's not until june, but i don't care. it's going to be dinosaur themed FOR SURE.  


▲  bits of spring here + there, which makes my heart so happy! the previous homeowners of our new house had a major green thumb. i am excited to see what blooms this spring/summer. i hope to plant something of my own as well. 


  all the grilled cheese sammiches. 


  i'm not getting another cold.
  cake is a nutritional food group. 


  i immediately change into leggings + a baggy tee when i get home.
  all the fun socks.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND // volume nine.

-  the weather was so nice this weekend! spring is on its way. this time of year is so exciting for me because FLOWERS. i was giddy all weekend because i noticed the daffodils peeking thru when i walked into work.

-  jared + i ate dinner at kneaders for the first time. it was delicious!

-  we had friends over for dinner on saturday night and watched the new thor movie.

-  march is my favorite month of the year. not only because of spring + flowers, but jared + i will celebrate three years of marriage at the end of the month!


+  i'm setting up my new bullet journal, and i could watch kara's videos for hours.

+  i finally got my hold from the library [bear town]. i cannot wait to dive in!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018



-  jared started his new inspection position with textron this month. this new position was great because he would be off the airplane (no more tearing up his body) and he would have a greater chance of being transferred back to first shift eventually. after a year of praying + waiting, jared got word that a first shift position will be available in april! this was all God, y'all. He was my comfort during the evenings when i was so incredibly lonely. He is faithful to provide!

-  the winter olympics.

-  jackson turned eight months old! he started crawling just a little bit + dances anytime music comes on, says DADADADA allllll the time, and started sleeping thru the night (in his crib, hallelujah).

-  books read:  little fires everywhere  |  dark matter  |  the shape of ideas


+  i was so worried about what our childcare situation would look like once jared transferred back to first shift. we have three different people watching him during the week. but it's only for four hours a day. i wasn't sure what childcare would look like with the shift change, but - again all God - it's all going to work out.

+  the first week jackson started sleeping thru the night, i didn't. haha! i would get up and go check on him to make sure he was okay.

+  we had lots of icy/snowy weather this month. this usually stresses me out, but i'm so thankful that our new house is a lot closer to work. there was only one morning that was really dicey, but all the schools and colleges cancelled, so there was hardly anyone on the roads. before i met jared, i never drove in ice + snow, so this was a big deal for me!

+  sometimes it's best to take a moment before reacting to national tragedies. i had a tweet thread ready to be posted in light of the recent school shooting, but after some thought, i realized my words were better left in the draft folder. instead, i had discussions with those around me. while i believe the internet is wonderful for dialogue, sometimes it's best to process certain things with those around you.

+  the newborn stage was so incredibly hard for me. there are lots of reasons. failed expectations. zero sleep. buying a home. trying to work part time. not knowing what i was doing. but as i reflected on that season earlier this month, i have this weird, tender fondness for it in my heart. i'm not in the thick of it anymore, but there was still good in it.

favorite podcasts.
-  notes from the weekend  //  five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight


+  file 2017 taxes.  

+  read two books.  

+  clean out jackson's clothes.  

+  go through my clothes one last time.  

+  daily gratitude.  

Monday, February 26, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND // volume eight.

-  jackson has been sleeping thru the night, and i just feel like it's too good to be true.

-  jared + i both had to work on saturday, so our weekends feel incredibly short lately. but i'm reminding myself that it's just a season. when our weekends are like this, we tend to make the most of our time. we went on a double date, i started a new book, we took a couple naps, drank a lot of coffee, had some deep (and hilarious) discussions, played with jackson, went to church, ate lunch with friends, and just enjoyed our time without concern for the coming week. 

-  we paid off two bills with our tax return this weekend! one step closer to financial freedom. at this point, i'm not getting my hopes up to be a stay-at-home mom. we have so many options available to us if we get into a good financial spot. private school is actually a possibility now. of course, i realize that jackson is only eight months old, but as the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short.


+  there's a new social media app. VERO. it's super glitchy right now because they've had an influx of new users, but once it gets resolved, i think it'll be interesting!

+  i started still life by louise penny this weekend. the writing is so cozy + enjoyable.

the best way to manage stress based on your personality type. (i'm an INFJ.)

Monday, February 19, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND // volume seven.

-  jared + i both had to work on saturday, but thankfully we had a sitter, so it ended up working out well. i picked jackson up + spent the afternoon finishing a book + drinking coffee. we decided to have a night in, and it is always so nice to chill at home on a saturday night every once in awhile.

-  jared transferred to a new area two weeks ago. this position was great because it was less wear + tear on his body and it would set him up for a better chance of a first shift position one day. well after a year of praying + hoping + waiting, jared found out this week that there was a first shift position available! we are elated + God just keeps creating ways where i see no possibilities.

-  i hate grocery shopping. not the actual act (i weirdly enjoy it.) but i blank on ideas for lunches + dinners. i tried making a list, but i still didn't get everything for the week. i have a small goal to make a list of go-to recipes that i can make.

-  we finally have jackson on a good routine + sleep schedule. you'd think my favorite thing would be him sleeping thru the night (hey- that IS awesome!) but i lovelovelove rocking him to sleep. i usually hold him longer than i should, but i don't care. he is so sweet + it's usually the time i pray over him.


+  i want to shout michelle's words from the rooftop.
+  i finally reorganized my goodreads bookshelves.
this thread from beth moore is goooooood.

Monday, February 12, 2018


-  my family came up on saturday for a quick visit. they played with jackson + we ate dinner. it was so great to see them.

-  we spent a lot of the weekend hanging out in the game room + watching the olympics + drinking lots of coffee.

-  jackson has started scooting forward, which is basically crawling because he's eeeeverywhere now. he is full of personality + this stage is definitely my favorite so far.

-  jared + i have been contemplating going on a very tight budget to pay off some debt, which will eventually lead to me being able to work from home (and home school our children in the future) within the next few years. have any of you had success with this? what method did you use?


peanut butter cup energy bites.

DIY artwork with photographs.

in case you need a laugh today.

+  currently reading: little fires everywhere.

Thursday, February 8, 2018



this is where my obsession with podcasts began. i started listening to jamie + knox last fall, and i have been binging all the past episodes ever since. i love them so much that i give the my monies each month. they satisfy my odd fascination with all things pop culture.

to give you context on my celebrity intrigue, i have to confess a deep, dark secret from my past: when i was in my early 20s, i had a subscription to almost every single weekly gossip magazine. [this was the golden era of b.spears shaving her head]. from the classy [people magazine] to the downright trashy [basically all the others] - i would get them in the mail every thursday and devour all the antics + craziness that was only half true. i'm not particularly proud of this, but it is what it is.

favorite episodes:  misunderstood songs and misheard lyrics  |  the nos of social media  |  listener workplace confessions  |  other starter episodes listed here  


i really enjoy tsh's podcast. she has four rotating co-hosts [erin + kendra are my favorites!]. she covers topics ranging from travel to home and other topics like world events and such. tsh also just started another podcast called women's work. it's such a delight! binge them all right this instant.

favorite episodesan entire year off the internet  |  cleaning  |  hygge  |  gilmore girls  |  reading for fun


a lazy genius is a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. kendra is so lovely, y'all. i am always left feeling inspired after i listen to her podcast. she gives the best tips on topics ranging from home to kids to organizing and everything in between. and her tips are actually practical + often unique. this episode was so timely that it left me sobbing at my desk at work. i was having a rough day, and it was like a balm to my tender mama heart.

favorite episodesfictional lazy geniuses  |  the lazy genius makes a smoothie  |  the lazy genius shops at aldi  


i just started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago, but it instantly became a favorite! i mean, it's about books, y'all. what's not to love?

favorite episodes (so far):  105  |  113  |  117  |  118


+  the dirty john podcast. [i've written about this here.]

the next right thing - emily p. freeman.

coffee + crumbs.

that sounds fun - annie f. downs.

what are your favorite podcasts? leave your suggestions in the comments.
[up + vanished is not on this list for a reason. #notafan]

Wednesday, February 7, 2018



-  my february powersheets prep.
-  my morning coffee.
- dark matter. i've struggled with getting into it, to be honest. eeeeeveryone loves this book, so i'm going to stick with it. (but only because i think i'm just about to get to the really good part.)


-  newsletters that arent' spammy. my favorites are from tsh (great articles + links) and anne bogel (for kindle book deals).      
-  i feel like a broken record by typing this, but alllll the podcasts. guys, i'm obsessed. i listen to them all day long at work. i am writing up a favorites post to share later this week!


-  essential oils. i reeeally want to buy a starter kit, but $160 is just too much right now.
this book + this book + this book.
this macrame from target.


planet earth 2.  jared randomly started this on netflix over the weekend, and i was mesmerized the entire series!
-  i finally got to watch the super bowl episode of this is us. i can't talk about it yet, because too many emotions.
-  parenthood.  


-  jackson saying DADA.
chocolate pea milk.
-  dinosaur socks.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND // volume five.

-  i caught a cold during the week, so this weekend i was in recovery mode. i went into work on saturday for a few hours. other than having dinner at a local mexican restaurant, that's about the gist of my weekend adventures.

-  tax season is officially here. i know most people want to crawl in a hole when they hear the dreaded T word, but i LOVE doing taxes + bookkeeping. sure there are long hours and some clients are never happy [even if they're getting a refund]. but i truly enjoy what i do.

-  i didn't watch the super bowl because we don't have cable. i have to wait until this is us comes on hulu so i can cry my eyes out. but jared + i started watching planet earth 2 on netflix and oh myyyy goodness. i cannot recommend this enough. so interesting! 


+  did you know that dolly parton has a book club that will send your child a free book once a month from birth to five years old? jackson received his first book recently and loved it. and by love, i mean he chewed on it because teething has turned him into a puppy-baby. check out the website!

has instagram come full circle? - a beautiful mess.

+  i finished this book over the weekend. the coolest part is that the author lives in wichita!

+  i need every mom to go read this post right now.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018



-  our niece got married at the beginning of the month, so we ventured out + ate cake + had a great time. saturdays are usually our date nights, but we decided to have a night in, and it was so wonderful. i read + rocked jackson to sleep while jared sat next to me.

-  jared was offered a new position at work! while this doesn't mean a shift change at the moment, it's a greater stepping stone to being back on first shift eventually. bonus: he will be training on first shift for a month!

-  i read four books: eleanor oliphant is completely fine  |  the woman in cabin 10  |  the lying game  |  chasing slow

-  i rang in the year with a horrible case of hives. jackson seems to be able to tolerate dairy now, but apparently i am allergic to it now. i am hoping that i just added it back into my diet too quickly [aka: too much]. i have been back on a mostly dairy-free diet, so we will see how it goes.

jackson turned seven months old!


::  after months + months of trying, striving, and living life my way + by my own strength, the Lord met me in the middle of my mess. in my office at work. i was sitting there, absentmindedly thinking [aka: worrying] about something when i just felt His presence so strongly.

::  there are certain aspects of motherhood i wish i could change, but because i'm a working mom, i'm learning to accept that our ways - though different from others - are what work best for our family.

::  sometimes God shows up in a target bathroom.

::  i made a point to write down three good things from the day. this habit is great on those days when life feels rough.


Q1 word: balance.
currently | january 2018.
a happy list.
when God shows up in a target bathroom.
+  notes from the weekend  //  vol 1 + vol 2 + vol 3 + vol 4


+  read two books  //  i finished four! 

+  gather medical + tax info  //  yep. it helps that i'm a bookkeeper, so these things aren't hard. 

+  schedule a hair appointment  //  goodbye, white trash roots. 

+  write down three good things from the day  // 

+  get in the Word  //  i ordered a new bible. it's a start.  

Monday, January 29, 2018


-  jackson started saying DADA this weekend! my heart swells ten times when he says it because it's just so CUTE.

-  jared + i watched the new maze runner movie over the weekend. our very unpopular opinion: it was better than the final hunger games movie. i read all the HG books and loved them. (still do!) i did not read the maze runner series, so i didn't know the story or what was going to happen. i think i may read the series now though. i think when i know what's going to happen, that takes away from the movie just slightly, but i'm still always going to love the book more than the movie.

-  i had to take off work early on friday because our sitter was sick. although i am swamped at work, it was actually nice to relax for once. jackson doesn't take a nap with me in the evenings, so while he napped during the afternoon, i caught up on this is us. gahhhhhh. that show gives me all the feelings.


+  i ordered a new bible. i love that the size isn't massive, yet there is enough space to jot down notes.

your smoothie survival kit. i bought a new blender to make baby food, but now i want to make all the smoothies!

+  if you are looking for a blog that isn't constantly posting "10 tips" + "5 ways", michelle is your girl. she is witty + honest + her writing is just wonderful.

+  volume two of sunday inspiration is on my instagram hightlights if you want to check it out. or not. it's whatevs.

+  i am loving the new podcast, women's work.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


worship music. my space heater at work. COFFEE. listening to podcasts at work. chicken salad. 
listening to jared + jackson play in the next room. reading good books. the prettiest planner. 
writing down three good things - no matter how big or small - at the end of each day. sunshine + sixty degrees. 
knowing that there will be flowers blooming in less than two months. date night with husband.

Friday, January 26, 2018


my sister-in-law, nieces, and i had a girls' night yesterday. we ate chipotle + shopped + made a quick stop by target.

jackson had a dirty diaper, so jill + i went to the bathroom to change him. as i was throwing the diaper away, she noticed a hair was wrapped around his toe. my heart sank. there was an article floating around FB months ago about an incident where a hair had got wrapped around a baby's toe, and he ended up losing the toe. i'm not sure if this was fake news, but it was crazy enough that jared + i obsessively checked his feet for days.

i was trying not to panic + cry. jackson was hysterical. rightly so. the hair was so tight around his little toe. i started silently praying for God to make a way because i didn't know what to do. we each tried to get it, all to no avail. jill got out her pocket knife and after what seemed like an eternity, it finally snapped off.

relief flooded over me like a tidal wave. i comforted jackson as we walked around, and homeboy was fine. he just wanted to look around + play with his binkie. i felt the guilt rising up, but i refused to give it life. instead i gave praise to the Lord as i rocked jackson to sleep when we got home.

i know that this story + my reaction may seem dramatic. i'd agree on most days. but the last two weeks of my life have been so sweet with the Lord. He's been showing up and moving mountains in places + circumstances where i've felt lost.

even in a target bathroom.

Monday, January 22, 2018

NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND | volume three.

-  we finally took our christmas tree down this weekend.

-  jackson is sooooo close to crawling. there were several moments that i held my breath because i thought he was about to crawl. i have conflicting emotions. on one hand, i'm excited that he's progressing + growing, but on the other hand, time is flying, and i just want my baby to be little forever.

-  we had a lazy sunday. it was glorious + restful + much needed. we opened the windows + took jackson outside. it was one of those slow days where your soul has room to breathe.


this episode of the lazy genius podcast was so good for my mama soul.

this blog has lots of easy recipes that i cannot wait to try. [especially this + this + this]

this video makes me cry-laugh every. single. time.

+  i cannot wait to get this book in the mail!

+  i shared some sunday inspiration on my instagram.


eating cake for breakfast. taking a drive to get coffee. baby cuddles. hearing jared sing to jackson. sixty degrees + open windows. hanging out with our people. this song. second + third cups of coffee. reading. strawberries + coconut whipped cream. fresh air. sushi. chocolate pea milk. fun dinosaur socks.

Monday, January 15, 2018


-  i inadvertently started using less social media last week. i didn't intent to take a break, but i didn't mind it either. i replaced all that mindless scrolling with reading books. i've finished three books this month already; i read three books total last year.

-  i had sort of a come to Jesus moment last week. i've been open on the blog about my struggles with motherhood. when it all came crashing down last week, i realized a lot of my issues are rooted in comparison. my thought process was often some form of: this mom is doing this and that mom is doing that, and i'm doing something different, so that must mean i'm doing something wrong? i have made a point to pray whenever i have those thoughts creep into my mind. my hope is that God will rid me of this sin + doubt + shame and show me my identity isn't in titles, but in Jesus alone. i still have a long way to go, but i've already seen heart shifts that only He can do. 

-  after months of prayers, jared was promoted to a new position at work. it's still on second shift, but this sets him up for a better chance at getting first shift in the future. we are so excited, and even better: he will be training is on first shift for the month of february!

-  jackson started babbling MAMAMAMAMA this weekend. i'm not quite convinced he's saying mama, but i still love it. 


if today is hard.

+  "people are constantly posting things to make themselves feel like superior moms, like articles confirming why they do what they do is the absolute best choice and why everything else was terrible and damaging to our little darlings."  this article was spot on.

+  i want to try this latte. #HPforever