+  chilled cake  >  room temp cake 

+  i am currently reading carrie soto is back. TJR is always an auto-read for me.

+  i made these apple pie cookies. so good!

+  i was so excited for the fall festival in our city this weekend. i had the most delectable dutch oven cobbler last year + was looking forward to it for the last 365 days. as i walked around the booths, i realized they weren't there this year! i was super bummed, but oh well. we still had fun eating at the potato food truck (yes, what a brilliant idea - potatoes cooked in several different ways with your choice of toppings!) 

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  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  the month greeted us with sickness, just like the previous month. praise the Lord, we are all healed up + feeling better.

+  several nights this month, we ventured out to a local lake so the boys could fish. i sat at the table + read a book, journaled, worked a crossword, + sipped an iced chai. it was delightful.

+  we went apple picking.

+  jackson + i went on a mommy/son date. we stopped by the coffee shop + then walked around target. i love these little moments with my boy.

+  we camped in the backyard on a chilly saturday night. it was a lot of fun + we plan to camp more in the future.

+   i shared my word for Q4.

 L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S - 

+  in my early days as a believer, i used to be afraid to ask the Lord for deeper faith. i thought it would give Him the green light to make something bad happen or bring suffering. (oh baby christian amber, lol) now, as i have matured in my faith, i see that a deepened faith does not just require hardships; it is also built in the everyday living: how we treat strangers, raising our children, marriage, loving those who are struggling.   

+  "hope is not just mere, even if it is meager." rings of fire

+  i am a much happier person when it is 70° - 80°. πŸ˜‚


1.  a crossword book.  it's a simply joy that also stretches my brain. πŸ“–

2.  evenings at the lake.  while the boys fish, i read + journal + do all the creative things. it is so delightful! ✨

3.  nora goes off script.  i am not a rom-com book girlie. i find them cheesy + predictable + these days, they are filled with borderline pornographic sex scenes. but i had several people rave about this book, so i gave it a try. i am SO glad i did! what a cute book. one of my favorites of the year. πŸ“š [affiliate link] 


+  i beat my record by 1 second and got the mini NYT crossword in 46 seconds!

+  i finished the book, rookie mistakes. kelly's writing style is good. while there are some parts that made me roll my eyes, her 90s/00s pop culture references were top notch!

+  i also finished inheritance. if you love the american royals series, this is a prequel novella that is super short + sweet.

+  and the final book i read that week was that weekend. i randomly found this on my kindle, and it is by the same author who wrote this 5-star read from last christmas, so i gave it a whirl. what a crazy book. the twist at the end was crazy, but i was also like eh? i gave it 4 stars because it was entertaining nonetheless.

+  it still makes me chuckle when i see articles like this quoting my tweets about khloe kardashian from 2018. it was such a random tweet; i never expected her to respond. i may have a lot of feelings about the kardashian family, but i will always respect a mom who opens up about subjects that are taboo.

+  i bought this candle at target + it smells soooo good! it has the crackling wood wick, too.

+  jackson + i went on a mommy/son date. we stopped by the coffee shop + then walked around target. i love these little moments with my boy.

+  "hope is not just mere, even if it is meager." rings of fire (LOTR tv show that i am actually loving!)

+  we camped in a tent in our backyard on saturday night. i may have needed a nap + ibuprofen the next day, but at least jackson had fun!




+  weekly musings  (2019)



+  it was 54ΒΊ when i walked into work on monday morning. i see you, autumn! πŸ‚

+  i found a good podcast this week. ask dr. e is a short (usually 10 minutes or less) podcast that answers theological questions. for instance, "should christian parents have their sons circumcised?" and "what is sanctification?". it is a great podcast for tidbits of theology. 🎧

+  i found dr. easley's podcast because it was mentioned in the pour over, which is a newsletter delivered to your inbox monday, wednesday, + friday. it is a christian-based publication that helps christians stay up-to-date on current events, while keeping our focus on Jesus. sign up here. πŸ’»

+  i beat my record + solved the mini-crossword in 47 seconds! πŸ₯°

+  jared: "jackson, what goes at the end of a sentence?" jackson: "a pyramid!" πŸ˜‚

+  i checked off an item on my autumn fun list this weekend. we went apple (and peach) picking at a farm outside of wichita. it was really fun and really hot. 🍁

+  before we went apple picking on saturday morning, we stopped by the reverie for breakfast + coffee. i had my favorite latte - the salted caramel. it was so fun to slow down + enjoy our coffee + hang out together before out little adventure. 🍎☕️

+ i took the week off social media + it was wonderful. πŸ–€



+  weekly musings (2021)
+  weekly musings (2019)
+  family vacation (2014)


on saturday morning, we ventured out to meadowlark farms for some apple + peach picking. it was HOT, but we had a lot of fun! 

Q4 word:  W I N S O M E

definition:  generally pleasing + engaging, often because of a childlike charm + innocence; cheerful, lighthearted

autumn is tied with spring as my favorite season. in comparison to the harshness of summer + winter, autumn brings a stillness with its entrance. we get cooler mornings + pumpkin everything. unlike spring, which ushers in with excitement, i find fall to be a slowing down of sorts. 

there is a charm about autumn. a lightheartedness. i chose winsome for my Q4 word for two reasons: first, it is such a beautiful word. winsome. it has such an essence. second, i want it to reflect the kind of autumn i wish to have.

  Q4 goals-  

read 6 books. i have surpassed my goal of 25 books for the year, but oh well.

continue weeknight + 24-hour sabbath from social media.  i will also take a week away during our church's corporate fast in september.  

-  finish studying 1 peter.  i do a verse-by-verse study, referencing my ESV study bible + this bible reference website. i will probably move to 2 peter after that. i also want to work my way through phylicia masonheimer's revelation study

- continue to hone my skill in microblogging.  recaps are great, but i want to keep challenging my writing abilities: poetry, more lists, etc.

-  make a fall fun list.  the pumpkin patch + corn maze are musts. also- visiting the fall festival in our city to savor a delectable dutch oven cobbler. 

"autumn is a second spring in which every leaf is a flower" albert camus 



▸  visit the pumpkin patch

▸  go to a corn maze

▸  bake pumpkin bread

▸  carve pumpkins 

▸  bake a pie or cobbler from scratch 

▸  go apple picking

▸  try an apple cider donut 

▸  go to our local fall festival

▸  cheer for the sooners! (obvi) 

▸  go trick or treating in our neighborhood 

▸  burn a delicious fall-scented candle 

▸  drink a maple-flavored latte

▸  backyard fires w/hot drinks + good friends

▸  drink an iced chai with pumpkin cold foam 

▸  visit botanica in september (last month of extended hours)

▸  go to the drive-in theater 

▸  visit our local farmers market 


+  i bought a crossword book + work on the puzzles each day to stretch my brain.  

+  her majesty, the queen. what a legacy she leaves behind. in fall of 2020, i read the fiction novel, american royals. after finishing the book, i began a months-long deep dive into the actual royal family. i was fascinated + gained a respect for queen e.    

+  i'm not a fan of cheesy romance novels, but nora goes off script had so much buzz on bookstagram, so i put it on my library holds. it became available this week, and i devoured it in just a few days. again- not because of the romance; it was a cute, well-written story. i throughly enjoyed this book! 

+  speaking of books, i surpassed my reading goal of 25 books this year; i'm at 30 now. 

+  i was looking at my (basically nonexistent) youtube channel this week. there were random videos i uploaded years ago that definitely needed to be deleted forever. but i came across this video that was part of my #notpolethursdays series. i have this idea of revamping that insta series. first off, a name change because it was good for a time, but now that time has passed. and instead of making a bunch of insta stories, i can make a youtube video! i am still brainstorming the idea.

+  we woke up to mid-sixties on saturday. it rained most of the afternoon + it was the perfect weather day. 



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writing  //   Q4 intro post + meals that have changed my life + a fall fun list

enjoying  //  my crossword puzzle book 

books finished recently:
+  falling - 5 stars!
+  cover story - 4 stars
+  nora goes off script - 5 stars! 

in scripture: studying the first book of peter  

watching  //  the new LOTR tv series on amazon  

excited for:
+  the coming of fall
+  the cooler weather this weekend
+  fall activities  

loving  //  while the boys fish, i read, journal, work a crossword, + sip an iced chai 

wearing  //  flared jeans + this foundation   

drinking  //  hot tea with honey (to help with this lovely end-of-summer cold) 

making me happy:  
•  iced chai with pumpkin cold foam 
•  sunflower-lined highways    
•  coffee + wordle
•  my birthday flowers

our plans for my birthday trip were foiled by sickness,
but we ventured out to the park for some air + sunshine.

and it was glorious.

the boys fished,
i read a book, worked a crossword, sipped an iced chai, + journaled.

as i sat at the picnic table,
a yellow leaf caught my eye.
the weather was beautiful.
autumn is in the air.

my heart is full.
thank you, Lord, for these tiny blessings.

+  the boys went fishing on monday evening, so i spent the evening writing on this little blog + eating strawberries with coconut whipped cream.

+  we had a fun birthday trip planned, but jared came down with covid the day before we were set to leave. i was so disappointed. but jackson + i had a fun day together.

+  i realized my comment section was not showing up on the blog this week. i re-installed disqus, so now comments are visible.

+  a youth (probably 20) said, “thank you, ma’am” + i wanted to throw my pumpkin chai at him + tell him to respect his elder millennial. i am not a ma’am, sir

+  i have been reading a lot of erin loecher's old blog posts this week. this one is a favorite.

+  as i reflect back on this week, even though it was not great, i am still grateful. my birthday plans fell through + jared was really sick + there were some hard moments, but this is still a blessing. jared is on the mend, we can always plan another trip, and i am grateful for another year of life. 

pothos + prisms

evening walk sunset

birthday selfie

golden hour

snake plant

venti iced chai, 1 pump - cinnamon dolce, add pumpkin cold foam

evening walk flower sighting


luna's face lolzzzz